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Interesting enough, very abrupt ending though. (Game 1)

Let's escape

An interesting game. Had fun testing it. Loved the atmosphere.

This was a great game I thoroughly like it! Although I have a different take on whats happening in the game... I pieced this theory together further into the game.  

I enjoyed the gameplay, however I didn't like that the game had to pause for a few seconds to load the next section. It takes away from the immersion, but I understand if it might be a limitation of the game engine. I look forward to the full release!

I got terrified in the tutorial... beofre i even realized it wasnt even the proper thing yet!

I played this game the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my Youtube channel. Brilliant concept! you did a great job of building a tense atmosphere! and that red guy who chases you when you can only see him on your phone? Brilliant! Haha! Good job!

Below is my playthough, its the first game :)

I love the concept of this game, and the fact that there is progression that is noticeable and ultimately pieces together story makes me want to play it more and hoped that it was overall longer. Great work!

Thanks for the gameplay! Hope you really enjoyed the experience and check out the page for updates and new realeases on the game.

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I love how you can see some stuff only through your phone.  This game was really great and I loved it.  Here is a video I made: 

Thanks for the gameplay and your kind words! We hope you really enjoyed the experience

Sometimes fear cannot be seen; fear is always present; FEAR is inevitable. Can you hide from your fears? Put your cunning to the test in this indie hide and seek horror game. Only for those who choose to embrace the impending terror.

Nice little text! Hope you liked the game!

We have so many questions...

Thanks for your gameplay! We laughed a lot and hope you enjoyed the game as much as we enjoyed seeing you guys play.

Thanks for watching haha... keep up the great work!

Cool game, I like how you use the phone to see the enemy, and definitely has potential. I made a video if anyone would like to check it out. 

Thanks for the support and the gameplay!

This was really good! Very interesting implementation of the phone mechanic. This game was genuinely frightening. 


Thank you for your kind words! Hope you enjoyed the experience!

I thought the game was only a few mins long then I realised I had to hit play again and the game was changing as I played more into it great work o this one.

Thank you very much for your kind comments and the gameplay! 

Your Welcome

Not a bad little experience but I have tons of little nit picks that would definitely be worth checking out! Please consider watching my video and tossing a like on it as well.

Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely check it out.

I look forward to see more from you in the future!

Pretty cool game so far! I like the atmosphere and I think it  has some good potential. You can check out my playthrough on it if you're interested!

Good luck with further development on the game!

Thanks! We are working hard on making this game the best we can!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my let’s play! Throughly enjoined this game and I hope you like it as well! Thank you to the creator for making this game

Thanks for your amazing gameplay! It awesome to see how people enjoy our game, we are currently working on it and we'll update the game soon!

Awesome im glad to hear that!

este juego le iria muy bien la REALIDAD VIRTUAL.....yo prometo que si lo haceis posible os hago un video en mi canal ( Pacotaco)

estoy deacuerdo, contigo pacotaco , llevar el movil moviendolo con la mano , como si fuera real,,,,

pero necesitaria algun  objeto mas que cojer y tal pero buen aporte 

Interesting game. I liked the use of confusing me as a player with the home screen. I think if you wanted the player to die anyways the monster should be able to enter the side rooms.

Looking forward watching this game improve!

Thanks for the gameplay! Hope you really enjoyed the game.

awesome horror game! Please check out my play through below :) 

Huge thanks! Hope you enjoyed the game and check it for updates and new story parts we are going to add in the near future.

I really enjoyed it will look forward to new story parts! ☺️

Vit vas va very vooky vame. Vank Vou.


Vank Vou too man!

I went super deep.

Gave all my feedback in the video (first game) but overall enjoyed it and piecing together the story was good thought for the brain. 

Thank you for the game! Hope to see more from you :)

Thanks a lot for your gameplay! Hope you enjoyed our demo and thanks again for your feedback, we will work hard on keep updating this demo to make it as good as we can.


I was pleasantly surprised with just how good Dementia is. It takes a few elements from different horror games you’ve played before, but spins it into its own experience. I was especially delighted with the phone mechanic and the presence of a real threat. My only real criticism is that I want more. Well done! 


Thanks! We are really pleased you like the game and we are definitely going to upload more updates for you to enjoy!

I like how this is based around broken memories which fits with the affliction of Dementia, Really deep message 🙂

Hi there! We've seen your gameplay and we absolutely loved it! We will continue to work hard updating this game to bring the best experience, as i said earlier thanks a lot for playing our game and we hope you really enjoyed it!

Great game man love the P.T aspect of it. You got me when the game went back to the menu screen i thought it was over at first haha here is my video!


Thanks for the gameplay! We are happy you enjoyed the game and keep following us for more updates.


Me encanta el arte de vuestro juego <3 Y la mecánica del móvil es genial^^ Pero el susto que me he llevado con las luces no os lo perdonaré nunca. Al principio del juego la primera vez que he jugado me he quedado atascada en la pared del pasillo y he tenido que comenzar de nuevo Dx Pero por lo demás he podido pasarme el juego sin problemas!!

Muchas gracias! Nos alegra que hayas podido disfrutar de la experiencia y seguiremos trabajando para corregir esos pequeños errores.

Great horror game, totally recommended!!!

Thanks a lot. Hope you had a great experience!

good creepy

Thanks for the gameplay!

hola, un juego muy chulo y diferente , algun fallo  de modelos y que las puertas se abren al reves y se me bugeo un poco,  que cada vez que entras es diferente ,mola mucho jeje , me faltaria ver algo mas oculto , para poder utilizar el movil ya que el bicho no me da tiempo a verlo jeje y no  uso mucho el movil , gracias y seguir currando, quedara estupendo

Muchísimas gracias por tu apoyo y tu feedback! Trabajaremos en nuevas actualizaciones para seguir trayéndoos la máxima experiencia posible.


Apart from the mouse sensitivity being high this was very good! The sounds are very real and the graphics are nice, i like where you are going with this game i said it had potential from the first build :) Hope you enjoy my gameplay:


Thank you for the gameplay and the feedback! We will try our best to keep the game updated and definitely will look on the mouse. Thanks a lot!

Nice, Thanks!

Me gusta la combinación de la mecánica de Dreadout y la repetición del P.T. En general el juego tiene algunos errores pequeños, pero nada que dificulte la experiencia en si. 

Gracias por el apoyo! Son dos grandes inspiraciones y estamos orgullosos de que se reconozcan, seguiremos trabajando para mejorar y actualizar el juego todo lo que podamos.


Nice Game version beta , Ambiance is very good , My gameplay is Here ! 

Thank you so much for the gameplay! Hope you enjoyed it and keep and eye on us! We are going to work harder and update the game as much of we can.

Yes , thanks you too for the game ,  I stay open for the rest :)


Cool little game, I really like the camera mechanics. I think this game has much potentiale. It does need some polishing. The red guy would be a lot scarier was he not so Edgy ;)

We are really greatfull for the feedback, thanks a lot. We'll work hard on keep updating the game, and the next time, the red guy will 100% more edgy. Keep an eye on us!